Scientific journal ISSN 1684-8853 (print), ISSN 2541-8610 (online), doi:10.15217/issn1684-8853 Russian
Informatsionno-upravliaiushchie sistemy
(Information and Control Systems)
Bi-monthly refereed edition

General Information

Informatsionno-upravliaiushchie sistemy (Information and Control Systems)
ISSN 1684-8853 (print), ISSN2541-8610 (online)
Bi-monthly refereed edition

The journal was established in 2002 by the “Politekhnika” publishing house (St.-Petersburg), the former Leningrad branch of the “Mashinostroenie” publishers, specialized in scientific and technical literature. Re-registration due to change of the founder «Information and Control Systems», Ltd, JD №FS77-49181 from March. 30. 2012.

Since 2004 the journal has been published by the Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation.

The journal is included in the Russian “Index of the leading reviewed scientific journals and publications in which basic scientific results of PhD and doctoral dissertations must be published” in the field of Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering.

The journal has been expertized by the leading specialists of VINITI (All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information) and is reviewed in its publications. The information about the journal and annotations are annually sent to the “Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory” (Bowker Publishers, USA) and EBSCO Publishing (USA). Articles indexed in the Google Scholar.

The journal has reached an agreement with the Scientific Electronic Library about putting the journal’s authors’ articles in the library’s database that contains articles’ texts, extracted from the article body bibliographical information, as well as articles’ references (lists of literature) to create the Russian Index of Scientific Quoting (RINTz).

The expected journal’s audience is the scientists, PhD and doctoral students, as well as to the college students who major in information science and computing, the journal may also be useful to top managers and leading specialists of R&D and development companies and organizations, employed in making products and providing services in the fields of telecommunication, information security, information coding and transmission, information and measuring systems, various purpose embedded information and control systems. The journal attracts not only by topicality but also by broad range of topics allowing to describe research on information and control systems in different technical areas as well as related fields of economy, medicine, biology and education which are in demand in the modern environment of scientific knowledge development.