Scientific journal ISSN 1684-8853 (print), ISSN 2541-8610 (online), doi:10.15217/issn1684-8853 Russian
Informatsionno-upravliaiushchie sistemy
(Information and Control Systems)
Bi-monthly refereed edition

Publication Ethics

The journal is committed to follow the international standards of publication ethics ( and makes all possible efforts to prevent any publication malpractices.

The editorial board of the journal reserves the right to reject publication of a paper in case of revealing any such malpractices.

The editorial board observes the following principles

Papers are published free of charge.

The editorial board is committed to evaluate papers received for publishing based on the principle of unbiased attitude to race, gender, ethnic origin, citizenship, political views of an author.

The editorial board is bound to carry out blind peer-review and to provide authors with a text of a review within one month after getting it.

The editorial board is committed not to disclose information on received papers to anyone but authors, potential reviews and the editorial staff.

The editorial staff is not entitled to use for personal studies unpublished papers submitted to the editorial house without a written permission of an author.

The editorial board is committed to take measures if it receives well-grounded ethic complaints regarding submitted papers or those published earlier, namely: to consider, to discuss a complaint with the journal management, to publish amendments or appropriate statements.

The editorial board is eager to study and to adopt best practices of other journals and publishers, therefore, it welcomes this kind of cooperation. It will scrutinize evolution of approaches to academic publishing revisiting the existing rules and procedures to keep up with the latest leading globally accepted scholarly standards.

Authors should observe the following principles

Papers submitted to the journal should not have been published before in their current or similar form, they are not being considered for publication by other publishers, any conflicts of interest concerning the copyright and publication of papers being reviewed should have been settled.

Submitting papers authors confirm that their publishing does not violate any actual or potential conflicts of interest regarding copyright and publication, they should indemnify the publisher against any breach of this warranty.

In order to provide easiness of dissemination and to ensure proper pursuing the policy of use of papers authors endow the publisher with the exclusive copyright of a paper unless otherwise is agreed.

Authors should ensure that every co-author has made a significant scientific contribution in a research described in a paper.

All co-authors of a paper are bound to express objections and to correct mistakes in case they are found by reviewers, the editorial board or by authors themselves.

Authors are recommended to mention sources of financial support for their studies in a submitted paper.

In accordance with the editorial policy of the journal “Information and Control Systems” it is forbidden:

  • verbatim copying of another person's work without acknowledgement, references or the use of quotation marks;
  • improper paraphrasing of another person's work provided that more than one sentence within a paragraph or a section of a text has been changed or sentences have been rearranged without appropriate attribution; significant improper paraphrasing without appropriate attribution is treated as seriously as verbatim copying;
  • re-use of elements of another person's work, for example, a figure, a table or a paragraph without acknowledgement, references or the use of quotation marks. It is incumbent on an author to obtain the necessary permission to reuse elements of another person's work from a copyright holder;
  • a paper submitting to more than one journal simultaneously;
  • our requirement is that all authors sign a copyright agreement which clearly states a submitted paper has not been published before. If elements of a paper have been previously published in other place including an earlier issue of the journal “Information and Control Systems” an author is required to acknowledge the earlier work and to indicate how a subsequent paper differs from it and is based upon research and conclusions contained in a previous work. Verbatim copying of an author's own work and paraphrasing is not acceptable and it is advised that a research is only reused to support new conclusions.

Reviewers should observe the following principles

Promptness – according to the rules of the editorial board a period for reviewing is confined to one month. Prolongation of the review period is possible if it is agreed with the editorial board.

The journal reviewers are bound to provide well-grounded critical remarks and to be governed by the following objective scientific criteria when assessing a paper: its consistence with the journal portfolio, scholarly novelty, completeness and reliability of research results, relevance, importance and accuracy of definitions and wordings, style, conclusions, practical relevance of results.



Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest.